Using NetFoss for FOSSIL Support

Using NetFoss will likely provide a more stable experience than the sbbsexec.dll bundled with WWIV for running doors. It should have fewer NTVDM crashes when exiting doors and higher performance as NetFoss is optimized for speed, and WWIV's handling of sbbsexec is not.


NetFoss is bundled with WWIV on Windows and available in the NETFOSS subdirectory under WWIV's install. i.e. C:\wwiv\netfoss

IMPORTANT Make sure to copy netfoss.dll to the Windows system32 directory, otherwise netfoss will not be able to load it as a VDD. This has to happen using an administrative command prompt.


To use netfoss use the NetFoss exec mode in ChainEdit or for an external message editor. You do not need to prepend C:\wwiv\nf\nf.bat in front of the normal commandline used to run the door.

That's it.