WWIVNews Release Playbook

Here's what needs to happen when we have a new WWIVNews:

  • 1@1 sends it out via NetUp
  • Post to Alt.BBS
  • Post to Alt.BBS.WWIV
  • Send to jason@textfiles.com to archive here http://textfiles.com/bbs/WWIVNEWS/ & Get WWIV 5.0 added to the timeline http://timeline.textfiles.com/
  • Post on BBSNews.org
  • Post on WWIV BBS Facebook Pag
  • Post on BBS subreddit

Broken links

  • Post to BBSCorner: http://www.bbscorner.com/contact/ <-- Contact form form doesn't work - Dec 2015
  • Upload to BBS Archives: http://archives.thebbs.org/upload/ <-- Upload doesn't work - Dec 2015