WWIV BBS Software Documentation

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WWIV BBS SOFTWARE has a long history, this project is to give WWIV a strong future.

Were working hard to bring you the best bbs software we can. This wiki is to support the users of WWIV from install to customization.

Thank you,
The WWIV Dev Team

GET WWIV 5.2 (unstable, development release)

Older releases and development information available on GitHub

New Installations

The following steps will get you up and running quickly, but I would not say you're ready to go live and open up to users. After you complete these installation steps, see the full details on related INIT settings, WWIV.INI and other Advanced configuration topics.

Windows WWIV Installation
Linux WWIV Installation
MSGs to users need Customization
Taglines on Messages

Upgrading Earlier WWIV BBSes

Do you have your floppy disks with your 4.x WWIV BBS on it? We can get you upgraded to WWIV and you can join the fold again!

Init Settings

User Access Protocols for WWIV

BBSes used to only be accessible by dialing them up on your phone line with a MODEM. When the Internet took off many BBSes added Telnet support to allow users to connect to the BBS over the Internet. That is still in use today. These pages explain how to use the WWIV builtin Telnet Server and Net2BBS from PCMicro.

WWIV Server

Net2BBS Telnet Server by PCMicro

Dial-Up Modem Access

WWIV 5 Menus

Waiting for Caller (WFC) & Top Screen

WWIV BBS User Menus

WWIV Slash Menu

//SYSOP Menu


Nets are federation of BBSes which connect to share messages and\or files. These pages will help you find WWIV compatible utilities and installation instructions.


Other Nets


Advanced Configuration



Multi Instance

Chains & Doors

Event Management

General Files AKA G-Files

Transfer Files

Messaging System AKA Subs

Email System

The email system in WWIV allows the sending of email to other users on the system as well as other users in WWIV based networks you participate in and even to Internet users if you have the appropriate add on software installed. Sending email is as easy as hitting the E key at the WFC or online. You can email a local user by name or number. For sending WWIV based network mail, see the network documentation for addressing.

TODO: How his Internet mail handling with the new tools?

Using ANSI in WWIV

Sub Fix Utility

New SysOp Suggestions

Managing Log Files

Registration & License

Client Software for Users of BBSes

This page will include information on Telnet clients, dial-up clients and other User helpers. We want to make this easy for the new BBS User.