Planets: The Exploration of Space


  Done.  You can now play locally by typing START from dos, for
  BBS setup check the (S)etup nodes option in this program, then have
  your BBS "CALL START <NODE NUM>" to run that configuration!

  EXAMPLE:  CALL START 1  (runs the node 1 configuration)

                    PLANETS: TEOS CONFIGURE V2.02

√ (G)ame Options
  (S)etup Nodes With BBS <= DO THIS FIRST!
  (P)lanet Editor
  (A)dd a Planet
  (U)se Player Editor
  (N)PC Editor
  Space (C)raft Editor
  (E)nter Registration Code
  (R)eset Game
  (I)GM Control
  (Q)uit & Save

   Currently, this copy is UNREGISTERED.
  • Run Setup Nodes with BBS
  • If you have already setup LORD you can use C to copy the nodes from there, otherwise setup your nodes as below. You need to do this for every node users can access.
                             EDITTING NODE SETUP

√ (1) Node Number      : 1
  (2) BBS Name         : YOUR BBS
  (3) BBS Software     : WWIV
  (4) Path To Drop File: C:\WWIV\TEMP1
  (5) Fossil/Internal  : Using Regular Fossil Driver
  (6) Locked Port Speed: Port Not Locked
  (7) Comport          : Read From Drop File
  (8) Send Open Comports Command?  : Yes!
  (9) Send Reset Comports Command? : Yes!
  (A) Use Special ANSI Settings?   : No!
  (B) Use direct screen writes?    : No!
  (C) Copy setup from another RT game.  (LORD & RTREADER)
  ([) Go back a node
  (]) Go forward a node
  (Q) Quit To Main
  • Go to c:\wwiv\teos\start.bat and edit the dive and path in the beginning of the file and uncomment those two lines. (Remove the "REM " from the beginning of those two lines.
  • Login into your bbs and use chainedit //ce at the main menu OR at the Waiting for Call (WFC) type C. Either way then select Insert door and configure it like this:
Editing Chain # 2

A) Description  : Planets: The Exploration of Space (TEOS)
B) Filename     : c:\wwiv\teos\start.bat %N
C) SL           : 10
D) AR           : None.
E) ANSI         : Optional
F) DOS Interrupt: NOT Used
G) Win32 FOSSIL : Yes
J) Local only   : No
K) Multi user   : Yes
L) Registered by: AVAILABLE
M) Usage        : 0
N) Age limit    : 0 - 255

(Q=Quit) Which (A-N,R,[,]) :