Replacable parameters

When executing doors (chains) or any other external program from WWIV you often need to specify information about the BBS, such as paths or instance information. In addition to the %1-%5 parameters specific to each invocation, there are parameters available when executing any external program.

Here's the list of all replacable parameters:

Param Description Example
%% A single '%' "%"
%1-%5 Specified passed-in parameter
%A callinfo full pathname "c:\wwiv\temp\callinfo.bbs"
%C chain.txt full pathname "c:\wwiv\temp\chain.txt"
%D doorinfo full pathname "c:\wwiv\temp\dorinfo1.def"
%E door32.sys full pathname "C:\wwiv\temp\door32.sys"
%H Socket Handle "1234"
%I Full Path to TEMP instance directory "C:\wwiv\temp"
%K gfiles comment file for archives "c:\wwiv\gfiles\comment.txt"
%M Modem BPS rate "38400"
%N Instance number "1"
%O pcboard full pathname "c:\wwiv\temp\pcboard.sys"
%P Com port number "1"
%R door full pathname "c:\wwiv\temp\door.sys"
%S Com port BPS rate "38400"
%T Time remaining (min) "30"
%U Username "Rushfan #1"