Event Management

Since WWIV 5.5 the multiple event support from 4.30 has been removed. Please use cron or other eventing support from the host operating system. The 4 system events (including beginday) are suppored and wwivd will execute the beginday event command specified in wwivconfig.

System Events

There are four System Events you can use and are configured in WWIV.INI

  1. Begin Day Event. The begin day event will run at the first chance after midnight every day. That may be from wwivd calling bbs -e to execute the beginday event, or it may be when the first user after midnight logs into the BBS. This is a great place for game maintenance routines and other programs that need to run once every day such as AutoSend or NFT's cleanup routines.
  2. Logon Event. This event runs each time a user logs on.
  3. Newuser Event. This event runs each time a new user logs on.
  4. Upload Event. This event runs each time a user uploads a file or a batch of files to the BBS.
;                          EXTERNAL PROGRAM OPTIONS
;UPLOAD_CMD     =                           ; upload event
;BEGINDAY_CMD   =                           ; beginday event
;NEWUSER_CMD    =                           ; newuser event
;LOGON_CMD      =                           ; logon event

For example, to configure c:\wwiv\logon.bat to run after the logon event occurs you would edit the line as follows:

LOGON_CMD      = c:\wwiv\logon.bat           ; logon event

NOTE: As well as inserting the file to run, you also need to remove the leading ";" which un-comments the line.