WWIV Slash Menu

These are commands which can be issued from the main menu and start with either a double or single forward slash "/".

WWIV Slash Commands

                           WWIV Slash Command Menu
Commands Preceeded by Two Slashes           Commands Preceeded by One Slash
Net      Show Network Boards          Z  Zip New Messages for Download
Who      Who is on the Board          O  Log Off without Logoff Msg
Upload   Upload a Text or Ansi File   E  Multiple E-mail
Qscan    Mark messages as READ        N  Begin N-Scan at Current Sub
CLS      Clear Screen                 C  Enter Chat Room
CM       Change menu command set      A  New Scan Messages, All Confs
UNQSCAN  Mark messages as UNread
COLORS   Edit Color Set

Additional Commands

These are not listed in the default menus

Command Meaning
//SYSOP Goes to the SysOp Menu if you have a SysOp Security Level.
//VER Displays WWIV version information
//CE Chain Edit brings up the menu to edit doors\chains