Darkness is available at Demonic's download page.

Known Issues

Issue OS FOSSIL Resolution
Fossil disabled seems to work best and prevents NTVDM crashes. Win7 sbbsexec

Installation on 32-bit Windows

  • Download the beta3 zip from the Demonic Site.
  • Extract the zip file to c:\wwiv\doors\dark
  • From the command prompt c:\wwiv\doors\dark run INSTALL.BAT
  • Run DARKCFG.EXE and set the SysOp, BBS Name and setup the Nodes so that the handoff file format is Door32.sys and the location is \wwiv\e#\temp where # is the number of the node your configuring.
  • Go into Chain Edit and set it up as follows:
A) Description  : Darkness
B) Filename     : c:\wwiv\doors\dark\dark32.exe -n%N -p%D
C) SL           : 10
D) AR           : None.
E) ANSI         : Optional
F) Exec Mode    : Normal
I) Launch From  : Temp/Node Directory
J) Local only   : No
K) Multi user   : Yes
L) Registered by: AVAILABLE
M) Usage        : 0
N) Age limit    : 0 - 255