Internal Editor

WWIV Includes a built-in line oriented message editor for creating emails and subboard messages.

The internal editor supports many commands, all are accessed by typing the command by itself on a blank line.

The current text color can be changed within the editor by pressing CONTROL-P + a character 0-9. The list of colors available and their values are defined in (D)efaults for the user.


Command Description
/? Display WWIV Editor help
/S Save Message
/Q Quote text from original message.
/ESY Save Message Anonymously
/ESN Save Message NOT Anonymously
/ABT Abort Entire Message (Quit)
/CLR Clear Message and Start Over
/RL Replace Last Line
/TI Edit Message Title
/LI List Message So Far
/C: Center Text After "/C:"
/SU/Old/New* Replace Old Text with New