Door Party

Door Party offers either one-menu-for-all game access with DoorParty's large user base, claiming over 50 nodes, 180+ door games, no ads and easy signup.

Apply and be accepted before beginning. Follow the instructions on the website.

Installation on Linux

  1. Prerequisites

for DoorParty you will possibly need rlogin-client; install it on Debian/Ubuntu with sudo apt install rlogin-client.

Please note that RLOGIN is a security risk if exposed to the internet. Ensure that you have both your router and system firewalls so that they will not accept connections from outside the LAN, and you should be fine. It is for this reason that it is best practice to have the doorparty-connector daemon running on the same machine as the BBS to minimize risk.


If you wish to use throttle to emulate connection speeds, just ensure that it is present in your $PATH. If it is not present, it will simply be skipped.

  • ANSI art loading screen

If you do not wish to use the ANSI art files, delete or rename them. (They are loaded by default if they exist).

  1. Installation

The installation instructions were used on Debian 10 with systemd.

  1. Install Doorparty Connector
  2. Choose where you want the connector daemon to live, for example /opt/doorparty-connector
  3. sudo mkdir -p /opt/doorparty-connector
  4. cd /opt/doorparty-connector
  5. sudo wget
  6. sudo wget
  7. sudo wget
  8. If you did not use /opt/doorparty-connector as your install path, edit the paths in doorparty-connector.service
  9. sudo ln -s $PWD/doorparty-connector.service /etc/systemd/system/doorparty-connector.service
  10. sudo systemctl daemon-reload
  11. sudo systemctl enable doorparty-connector
  12. sudo systemctl start doorparty-connector

  13. Either clone the git repository, or download the file
    Place the doorparty directory alongside your other doors. These instructions assume you have placed it in /home/wwiv/chains/doorparty.

  14. Set up the door. For WWIV, the entries to change are:

A) Description : Door Party B) Filename : bash -c "./chains/doorparty/ -f %1 -s AA" F) Exec Mode: STDIO

IMPORTANT - the variable after -s is your system tag, as assigned by DoorParty.

Additional command-line options for are:

  • -h = show this help
  • -u = manually specify an user name, overrides any in CHAIN.TXT
  • -s = Your SystemTag from DoorParty. Do NOT use brackets.
  • -f = The path to CHAIN.TXT
  • -a = The path to optional ANSI file splash screen
  • -d = The door code to use (defaults to the menu)

If doorparty.ans is in the script directory and no other file is specified with the -a switch, it will be shown automatically. You can specify another filename by calling it like so:

bash -c "./chains/doorparty/ -f %1 -s AA -a /path/to/file.ANS"

This feature may be of particular use if you use BBSLink as a "direct door" so that there are different "loading" screens for each door.

If you wish to use the script as a "direct door" link instead of going to the menu, set up a new door entry, but modify the filename like so:

B) Filename : bash -c "./chains/doorparty/ -f %1 -d DOORCODE"

A list of valid door codes is found on the here.

If you are using another BBS system that can pass the username, use the -u switch followed by the username variable. You can also use this from the command-line yourself, e.g. -u USERNAME -s AA

At present there is not a way to specify a specific door at runtime from Door Party that I know of.