Semaphore files used by the network

WWIV's network stack uses a handful of semaphore files to block concurrent access while operations are ongoing. Here's the list of semaphore files currently used.

Network Semaphores

These Semaphore files reside in or in a subdirectory of the WWIV network directory (i.e. C:\bbs\net\wwivnet is the default wwivnet network directory).

In these examples, we'll use [network] to denote the network directory.

All network types


Where [networkn] is the name of the network command e.g. network1. It's used to denote that the network command is running and additional copies should not attempt to execute.

FTN Networks


Where [flo_name] is the same name as a FLO file, blocks access to manipulating the FLO file while it is being rewritten with information.