Client Software for Users of Bulletin Board Systems


Here are some clients you can use on your device to access WWIV via Telnet.

Client Windows Linux Android iOS Windows Phone
SyncTerm V - Use RAW not Telnet x
NetRunner V V
Terminal IDE x
AfterShock x
EtherTerm x x
JuiceSSH V

Key: x = Known to exist
V = Verified to work


Subj: My revised NOANSI.MSG
Name: Matt Munson #1 @815
Date: Thu Jan 30 00:36:44 2014
From: WWIVnet- Inland Utopia [909-984-INET]
Loc:  Ontario, California 

You must install a telnet client application that supports ANSI color and
graphics to use all the features of this system.  Here are some shareware
and freeware clients I have used and can recommend:



    Qodem (linux)


QWK Mail Readers

In the days of dialup BBSes, on popular boards you frequently had less than you needed to read all the messages and reply, look for files, etc. To help optimize your time, tools to allow you download messages, read offline, reply offline and then upload your replies were created. QWK was one such framework and is still supported in WWIV BBS.

To download the unread messages on a WWIV BBS use the //QWK command from the Main Menu. You will then be presented with the options to use QWK messaging.

Here's the QWK menu:

                      WWIV QWK Off-Line Reader Menu

D)ownload Qwk Packet
C)onfig Qwk settings
U)pload Reply Packet
S) Config Subs to include
%) Set percent of all messages to download (Read OR Not)
Q)uit to Main Menu

Configuring the "Subs to include" let's you enable/disable downloading messages for particular subs and this is a first good place to start. Once that is done, you can use the Internal WWIV QWK to Download a QWK packet. Or if you are ready to Upload you can do that here as well.

Once you have your file downloaded you will need a client to read the QWK file, here is information such clients:

Client Windows Linux OSx Android iOS Windows Phone
MultiMail X X X

Key: X = Known to exist
V = Verified to work