Darkness is available at Demonic's download page.

Known Issues

Issue OS FOSSIL and Telnet Resolution
Fossil disabled seems to work best and prevents NTVDM crashes. Win7 SYNC and WWIV5 Telnet

Installation on Windows 7

  • Download the beta3 zip from the Demonic Site.
  • Extract the zip file to c:\wwiv\doors\dark
  • From the command prompt c:\wwiv\doors\dark run INSTALL.BAT
  • Run DARKCFG.EXE and set the SysOp, BBS Name and setup the Nodes so that the handoff file format is Door32.sys and the location is \wwiv\temp# where # is the number of the node your configuring.
  • Go into Chain Edit and set it up as follows:
A) Description  : Darkness
B) Filename     : c:\wwiv\doors\dark\dark32.exe -n%N -p%D
C) SL           : 10
D) AR           : None.
E) ANSI         : Optional
F) DOS Interrupt: NOT Used
G) Win32 FOSSIL : No
J) Local only   : No
K) Multi user   : Yes
L) Registered by: AVAILABLE
M) Usage        : 0
N) Age limit    : 0 - 255                                           
  • NOTE: That the setting to NOT use FOSSIL. I don't know why this works. ;-)