Running Multiple Instances of NODES of WWIV 5.0

When you run a multi-node BBS it means several users can access your BBS at the same time. This will cover information on setting that up, ways you can use it to your advantage and impacts it may have on other parts of your BBS.

Dedicated NODE for WWIVnet Connectivity

You can dedicate a node for connecting to WWIVnet (or OtherNets) so your BBS can connect and share files without taking the system down to users.

Impact on Doors

When you run multiple instances, your Doors need to be setup to run an instance for each node that you use to grant access to users. You don't need to configure your games for Nodes that you use for WWIVnet connectivity or other connectivity related tasks. When you read the instructions on setting up Doors it explains what you do to set that up.