Net2BBS Telnet Server by PCMicro

This is an alternative to the Fossil Driver and Telnet Server included in WWIV 5.0.

Known Issues

Issue Comments
You must also run SyncFoss and DOSXtrn There are internal functions of WWIV 5.0 that rely on DOSXTRN
Issues with Doors There are some issues with launching doors while using NetFoss that do not happen with SynFoss

Additional Net2BBS information

NetFoss is a Fossil Driver and other utilities including Net2BBS which provides a Telnet server for 32bit BBSes

Net2BBS is open source. NetFOSS is not.

NetFoss : A Freeware Telnet FOSSIL driver for Windows
PC Micro Net2BBS User's Guide

Installation Notes

Follow the Net2Foss and Net2BBS installation directions and their excellent documentation.

Copy the files to c:\netfoss

[.]                  [..]                 NET2BBS.EXE
NETSPY.EXE           NF.BAT               

As per the instructions, on Win Vista and up, copy NETFOSS.DLL to \WINDOWS\SYSTEM32.

Use this to create NET2BBS.INI (this works on Windows 7 x86 (32-bit))


| Net2BBS.INI Configuration Settings quick help:
| Command=    Path to filename + parameters to execute when spawning a node. 
|             Macros: *N={Node Number} *H={Socket Handle} *I={Users IP Address}
| StartPath=  Optional path to start the Command line from (*N Macro supported)
| Port=       TCP Port number to accept incoming connections on, usually 23.
| PolicyPort= Optional PolicyPort for using a Flash Telnet Client. Must be 843.
| Nodes=      The maximum number of nodes to allow on at one time (256 max).
| StartNode=  Number of first Node. Default=1.
| MaxSameIP=  Maximum number of connections allowed from the same IP address.
| Debug=      Display debug messages in log. 1 to enable, or 0 to disable. 
| NodeView=   Client  Window View: 0-Hide, 1-Normal, 2-Minimize, 3-Maximize   
| MainView=   Net2BBS Window View: 0-Hide, 1-Normal, 2-Minimize, 3-Maximize
| NodeLines=  The number of lines the node Console window is set for (25 or 50). 
| Log=        Filename to log activity. Path is optional.
| KillList=   Filename of list of banned IPs and hostnames - Supports "*" & "?"
| KillMsg=    Text to show user if their IP or hostname matches the KillList.     
| KillMsgFile= Text file to show user instead of KillMsg if found.
| Editor=     Name of text editor (default=notepad.exe). 
| Semaphore=  Filename to check at connect - if exits, display it & refuse access. 
| CacheTime=  Sets a timeout in minutes to remove cached IP's (0=Never).
| Resolve=    IP to hostname resolving. 1 to enable, or 0 to disable.
| ResolveMsg= Text to show user while resolving their IP address.
| ShowHost=   Show the user their resolved hostname, 1 to enable 0 to disable.
|             Values above 1 also show, and then wait that number of milliseconds.
| DNSBL=      A DNS BlackList domain name to use. If this option is defined,
|             any incoming connection listed in the BlackList is disconnected.
| BlockCC=    ISO-3166 Country Codes to block when using
|             See
| ******* Edit only lines after the [Settings] line below *******
| Save your changes, then restart Net2BBS for the changes to take effect.

Command=c:\netfoss\nf.bat /n*N /h*H c:\WWIV\bbs.exe -XT -h*H -n*N
KillMsg=You are not welcome here.
;ResolveMsg=o Net2BBS - Resolving your IP Address...
ResolveMsg=|o Net2BBS - Resolving your IP Address...
; This stuff was not in Matt Munson's file
BlockCC=156,643,392,804    ; 156=China 643=Russia 392=Japan 804=Ukraine

Edit the c:\NETFOSS\NF.BAT. The only change needed is to add the %1 to the end of line 2.

@echo off
c:\netfoss\ %1
rem ** If running a non-door32.sys system, add a " %1" to end of above line **
if errorlevel 1 goto end
c:\netfoss\netcom.exe %1 %2 %3 %4 %5 %6 %7 %8 %9
c:\netfoss\ /u