Configuring WWIVnet on Windows

Installation and Configuration

  • Submit your WWIVnet Node Application to 1@1 Weather Station BBS - telnet://
  • Get the latest version of on the build server.
  • Put all of the contents of the zip in \wwiv\nets\wwivnet
  • put all of the *.EXE files in \WWIV. The rest of the files are not needed.
  • Setup your node in WWIV INIT.EXE
┌─────────────────────────────────────────────────── Network Configuration ┐
│ Net Type  : WWIVnet                                                      │
│ Net Name  : WWIVnet                                                      │
│ Node #    : YOURNODE                                                     │
│ Directory : NETS\WWIVNET\                                                │
  • Create \wwiv\nets\wwivnet\CALLOUT.NET with @1 && /1 "password" replacing password with the one provided by 1@1.
  • From \wwiv\ run Network3 y which will verify your configuration and files and send an email to your local #1 mailbox.
  • From the \wwiv run bbs.exe -M to pickup and deliver the mail.
    Note: The default config of WWIV5TelentServer runs the local node with the -M command so if you run the local node to check your mail this will happen anyway, but you have to launch the local node AFTER you run Network3.
  • Login as #1 and Check your email on the BBS. You should see a pretty email and it should say "Everything is Fine" along with other details.


Create \wwiv\bink.cmd with the following commands:

@ Echo OFF
rem NetworkB controller

cd \wwiv
echo Starting NetworkB to Receive Inbound Connections
networkb --receive

goto start

Verify Network Mail

  • With \wwiv\bbs.exe -m & BINKP.CMD running:
  • Login to your BBS and send an email to 1@1
  • You will be prompted to pick the net (WWVIVnet) and confirm the system (Weather Station).
  • Give it a subject. Send the Net Coordinator a love note and hit /S to save and send.
  • Ideally you and 1@1 are chatting in IRC while you do this. ;-) then you can confirm and troubleshoot all at once. If not, wait a couple of hours for 1@1 to read or reply.