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  º  Volume 3  ³³³³³³³³³³³³  ³³  ÀÅ¿ÚÅÙ³  ÀÙ³³ÀÄÄÄ¿³³³³³³³ÀÄÄÄ¿   May 19   º  
  º   Issue 1  ³³³³³³³³³³³³  ³³   ³³³³ ³Ú¿  ³³ÚÄÄÄÙ³³³³³³ÀÄÄÄ¿³    1992    º  

                          ³This Month's Features³
³ Random Factors.....................................Wayne Bell (1@1)       ³
³                                                                           ³
³ Melting through the mystique of IceNET.............Jim (IceNET 1@1)       ³
³                                                                           ³
³ Too Many Subs...Or Too *Few*??.....................Brian Thompson (1@9411)³
³                                                                           ³
³ TechnOTES..........................................WWIVnews Staff         ³
³                                                                           ³
³ Filo's Mod of the Month............................Filo (1@5252)          ³
³                                                                           ³
³ Dateline: @#$*()#!.................................Omega Man (1@5282)     ³

               ³               Random Factors                ³
               ³   Creative Commentary by Wayne Bell (1@1)   ³

Hello, as most people probably know by the time this is released, Filo (1@5252)
will now be handling WWIV/WWIVnet registrations. The new address is:

WWIV Software Services
PO Box 720455
McAllen, TX  78504-0455

Registrations sent to the old address (904 Silver Spur Rd #636, Rolling Hills 
Est, CA  90274) will still be processed, though.

Because Filo is handling the business end of things now, I will be devoting 
more time to actually writing and improving WWIV/WWIVnet. I mentioned a while 
ago on my system that v4.22 would be the last version of WWIV v4. Now, I am not
sure that this will be the case, as I will not have to be handling 
registrations (which I did not consider to be 'fun').

I'd also like to mention something about the netup software (which allows me to
send network updates, WWIVnews, mail-to-all-sysops, etc, and for the GC's to 
send updates to me). For some reason, recently I've had quite a few people 
asking about getting a copy of it for their network. Yes, the netup program 
(along with an en1.exe/de1.exe set to use with it) is available, for $300. The 
main reason for the cost is that I figured nobody would be interested in it 
then, and people would stop asking about it. However, Jim Nunn of IceNET did 
register it early this year, much to my surprise. So, it is available, if 
you're really interested. (And, NO, it cannot be used to send updates on 
WWIVnet, since you'd be using a different de1.exe program).

As most people also know, I'm working on v4.21a and net31. These support 
multiple networks on the same BBS. Filo will be beta-testing this. So far it 
seems to be working. In testing the multi-net software on my system, I've
(obviously) had to join a second network. Many people have asked why I joined
IceNET, as opposed to joining up with my buddies on Link. The fact that Jim had
registered the netup program had something to do with it, along with the fact 
that the link software will need to be updated, in order to work with the 
multi-net interface (and, yes, I've already told them what needs to be 

So, in conclusion, I'd suspect that WWIV/WWIVnet will probably be around for 
a while longer than I would have assumed a month or two ago.

$F4 1@1

               ³    Melting through the mystique of IceNET   ³
               ³      By Jim IceNET 1@1 ³ WWIVnet 1@7663     ³

Editor's note: In light of events related in Wayne's commentary above, quite 
a number of WWIV sysops have become rather curious of late as to what IceNET 
is all about, not to mention how this  will affect WWIV and WWIVnet as a whole.
A lot of questions and speculatons have arisen as to what exactly is going on.
So, to help clarify matters, IceNET's Network Coordinator, Jim (1@7663), has
offered to fill in the details behind the origins of IceNET, and explains from 
his point of view how Wayne became a part of it.


IceNET started in 1990, with a test network set up between The Great White
North BBS, IceNET @1, and The Northern Lights, IceNET @2. At the time, I
knew very little about networking, and wanted to see how the software worked.
I can remember how amazed I was the first time I posted a message on a sub on
my board, then called The Northern Lights after forcing out a call to see my

Over the course of the next 6 months, IceNET grew to node 12. However, some 
nodes didn't made it this far, so the total was 6 or 7 boards. The first real
milestone for IceNET was going Long Distance...all the way from Buffalo, NY,
to Rochester, NY, when The Doctor's Office, IceNET @13 joined. A major
breakthrough in size occured with the addition of about 10 nodes 'overnight'
as a small Louisana network, Cybernet, merged with IceNET. Geot (IceNET@14)
also began bringing in the other nodes, and soon we had over twenty nodes in

Most recently, IceNET membership crossed over the 100 node line. Things were 
really looking up for this "experimental network" when suddenly, and without 
warning, something happened that I knew would lead to explosive growth. 

Around the end of April, I received the following email on Paragon (WWIVnet 
@7663), my multi-net board:

> Hi...
> Random #1 @1
> Mon Apr 20 17:29:01 1992
> I just got working (I think) a multi-network modification. However, in 
> order to test it, I need to be in multiple networks. THEREFORE, I'd like 
> to get a node # on IceNET for my system here.

I went into immediate shock! Ecstatic, I quickly added Amber into the 
nodelists, and assigned it as IceNET @3050. I emailed Wayne the bbslist and
connects via WWIVnet. He already had the special DE1.EXE file used to update
IceNET, (after all, he wrote it!), and on April 21st, Amber connected for the
first time with The Great White North.

The connection has been tested both ways, and the connects look normal to me
from my end. There are no macros to use, and Wayne is sending email as well
as posting on the IceNET Sysops Only sub, so those features of the new
multi-net software are working just fine...in fact, I know of nothing at this
point which would prevent release of WWIV 4.21a, and NET31, which are going
to be required to run the WWIV multi-net version. Currently, there are two
great mods available for mullt-networking, SWITCH (SW070b3.ZIP), and Filo's
FILO02C.ZIP which you can successfully use to go multi-net. You don't have
to be in two networks to join IceNET...but since this IS the WWIVnews, I felt
I should present this story about IceNET from that perspective.

There was some speculation why Wayne chose IceNET over WWIVlink. Most of the
speculation was that Wayne still had animosity from the original days of the
big split between WWIVnet and WWIVlink. I don't know for sure, but I can say
what I do know. Wayne did look at the WWIVlink software (I know this because he
downloaded it from Paragon), and he's passed along some code to the Link
Software folks through Filo. Also, Wayne stated in a post on the IceNET Sysops
only sub as follows:

> Random #1 @3050
> Mon Apr 27 18:08:15 1992
> We'll see the posting part of the multi-net thing works now (and please
> don't everyone respond and say, "it does").
> Since Filo talked me into putting in multi-net support on 04/18 (although he
> didn't know it at the time), I got it to where I was ready to test it on
> 04/20. So, obviously, I needed to be in at least one other network to test
> it out. Actually, the reason I picked IceNET is mostly due to the fact that
> Jim registered the Netup software, and that I thus felt it was a bit more
> legitimate than some other nets out there, and that I wouldn't have to do
> anything funky to support it.
> Actually, after that decision, it occurred to me that the link software
> wouldn't work with the multi-net thing without mods to it in any case.
> And, no, I don't know when it will be available. It has not gone exactly
> smoothly so far, but I think (hope?) it is working consistenly now.
> $F4 1@1

That's the story. If you'd like more informaton on IceNET, just send me email 
via IceNET 1@1, WWIVnet 1@7663, WWIVlink 1@17652, or SkyNET 1@5076. You may 
also wish to download a file called ICENET.ZIP from either The Great White 
North, 716-837-0044, or Paragon, 716-837-1636 (available first call). IceNET's 
a friendly network, with some great sysops, and great users. We're always
looking for a few good boards to join.


A final note: Jim sent a second submission containing the IceNET guidelines
and an application to join. Space considerations prevented its inclusion in
this issue, but a future issue will feature a comparison between the rules
and guidelines of several of the major WWIV networks.

               ³        Too Many Subs...Or Too *Few*??       ³
               ³   An Editorial by Brian Thompson (1@9411)   ³

Does a one-line system *really* need more than 64 subs? Well, a few years 
ago, the answer might have been no. Today, WWIVNet offers hundreds of 
different message bases on almost every topic imaginable.

There are many factors that could influence a sysop's decision to offer 
more than 64 subs. The first problem is the natural limitations of WWIV itself. 
Recently, though, Adam Caldwell has released his 254 sub mod, which he claims 
could support as many subs as a sysop wishes, as long as the conflict with the 
sysop-sub field is corrected. 

Now, we have the technical ability to create an environment for more than 
64 subs. The next factor to consider is your long distance situation. If you 
currently have 5 or 6 subs, and just use the standard Ma Bell long distance 
service, you will have a rude awakening when 200 subs start coming in. A PC 
Pursuit account, or other satisfactory long distance package is a must if you 
will be doing your own callouts. On the other hand, you may be able to manage
a deal with whoever is hubbing mail for your area. Whatever method you do use, 
keep in mind that a LD discount package is a must.

Well, now you can install the subs in your software and pay the long 
distance. Next, you have to have the raw storage capacity to handle over 64 
subs. With 80k per sub, that can add up fast - in the area of 20 megs. 
Remember, this is the bare minimum; many subs will take much more space, 
depending on the content and the number of messages you have allocated per sub.

This is probably the most important part of running you board: What do 
your users want? Well, with room for 254 subs, you can provide a little 
something for everyone. This is the major advantage to having so many subs. If 
you want to attract serious users who want to post or become informed, instead 
of kiddies that want to play games, this is the way to go.

WWIVNet subs have their place one bulletin boards, but remember to balance 
them with interesting local subs. Not everyone wants their posts to be 
distributed to hundreds of boards - they will want a 'cozier' atmosphere.

Well, even with all of these factors, there are still more. With over 200 
subs, the standard WWIV sub listing just will not do. Two columns will be 
needed, showing the number of new posts on each sub. Also, with so many subs, 
users will not want to slog through all of them. WWIV's standard Q-scan 
configuration will just not do. Both of the above areas will have to be 
modified in order to make the message bases usable. Also, remember that the 
user record structure will not be compatible with any common one, so some 
programs which read the user list will not work.

If it seems like there is a lot to think about when considering the switch 
to over 64 subs - there is, but if the conditions are right, the benefits will 
outweigh any disadvantages.

               ³                 TechnOTES                   ³
               ³        Compiled by the WWIVnews Staff       ³

...Those of you running really fast 486 machines should keep an eye on 
something that a lot of us tend to forget about: system heat. Seems that the
newer 486 chips, especially those that incorporate clock doubling techniques,
have a tendency to generate higher amounts of heat than their predecessors. 
Some independent reports from Usenet show that in an enclosed case situated in
a room with a temperature of 80 degrees, the temperature inside the case itself
can reach as high as 190 degrees - a full five degrees above the chip's
tolerance ratings. Many of these same reports also detail an increase in the
number of system failures proportional to the increase in CPU temperature.

...While Intel has yet to comment on this matter, maufacturers such as Dell and
CompuAdd have taken note of the matter. Both have evaluated the product of one
company in California which offers a solution. PC Koolers of Sacramento has
developed a combination heat sink and mini-fan attachment for $39 that will
reduce the CPU temperature by as much as 50%. However, neither company chose to
implement this particular solution. Although they acknowledge that the heat
problem does exist, they claim there are cheaper means of redesigning the case
and cooling fan units to provide the required levels of cooling.

[Editor's nOTE: A forthcoming WWIVnews article will deal with tips on extending
the life of a system]

...Teac has introduced a new floppy drive design that incorporates both the 
5.25" and 3.5" drive units into one housing that fits within a single
half=height drive bay. Designed for laptops and desktop systems that either 
have small cases and need an open bay for expansion, or require a reduced load
on the power supply, the drive works off of any controller that's 3.5" capable,
and uses only one cable to hook up to the controller. Several system retailers,
including Compuadd, are already offering systems with these drives installed 
as standard feature.

...removable mass storage prices continue to drop somewhat. Floptical drive
units have dropped below the $800 mark for internal units, while Flextra drives
are below the $500 mark from selected mail order houses. In both cases the
floppies have been seen at street prices of $25. A small PC with a Floptical or
Flextra drive could efficiently run a WWIV board whose emphasis was primarily
on message traffic. As prices are expected to drop again by half by this time
next year, this form of removable storage is fast approaching a viable
alternative to fixed or removable hard drives.

...IS CompuCom a dead company or not? PC Sources reports this month that the
recently-reported-as-deceased manufacturer of the inexpensive SpeedModem line
is releasing two new V.32bis/V.32/CSP modems for under $320 direct. However, 
as was circulated around the technical subs recently, all calls to CompuCom 
have either been met with busy signals at all hours (as experienced here) or
with a recording detailing the company's demise. The TechnOTES staff is
continuing to investigating this matter further.

               ³          Filo's Mod of the Month            ³
               ³              by Filo (1@5252)               ³

The 'Mod of the Month' will be my pick of the mods appearing on WWIV
Modifications Net Sub (SubType 2370; host 5252) during the month or time
period since the last issue of WWIVnews. It will not necessarily represent 
the best mod or the 'neatest' code, but it will be my pick of the mods. I do 
not guarantee it to be bug-free and do not make any representation regarding
whether or not I tried it out. Because of the format of the news, mods that
contain EXE, COM, UUcode, etc., will not be considered for selection.

This month's mod of the month is written by Dave Wallace. It's an update of 
an older mod of his, and has been updated for v4.21. This mod was chosen
for its practicality and use to the sysop, and its level of difficulty is not
great. What follows is the unedited version of the mod as it appeared on the 


Dave Wallace #1 @5806
Tue Apr 28 19:38:03 1992
Name:                   SYSOPMSG
By:                     Dave Wallace (1@5806)
Purpose:                Make an automessage for the exclusive use of the sysop
Version:                2.0
Issue Date:             04/28/92
Target:                 WWIV Version 4.21
Status:                 Re-implemented from the version 1.1 release for use
                        with WWIV version 4.21. This release also features
                        automessage and sysop message size limits of 12 lines
                        by 75 characters.
Long Description:       This mod will create a special automessage that only
                        the sysop can define. I wrote this because some of
                        my users didn't scan any message bases and others
                        had a habit of overwriting the automessage when I
                        tried to use that to notify users of BBS events.
                        Additionally, the size restriction of three 40-
                        character lines for the automessage has been relaxed;
                        both the automessage and the sysop message may now be
                        up to twelve lines in length and each line may have as
                        many as 75 characters. You also get the ability to
                        "kill" (delete) the standard automessage.
        /* +SYSOPMSG */         New line
        // -SYSOPMSG            Deleted Line -- remove or comment out
        /* =SYSOPMSG */         Search for this line, but don't change it


1. MAKE A BACKUP COPY OF YOUR SOURCEFILES!  If you do, you'll never need it. 
        If you don't, you'll wish you had.

2. Load up FCNS.H and make the following change:

/* =SYSOPMSG */  void read_automessage(void);
/* +SYSOPMSG */  void read_sysopnotice(void);
/* +SYSOPMSG */  void write_automessage2(void);
/* +SYSOPMSG */  void kill_automessage2();
/* +SYSOPMSG */  void kill_automessage();
/* =SYSOPMSG */  void write_automessage1(void);

3. In LILO.C, in the function void logon(), add the following code:

/* =SYSOPMSG */  if (live_user)
/* +SYSOPMSG */  {
/* =SYSOPMSG */    read_automessage();
/* +SYSOPMSG */    read_sysopnotice();
/* +SYSOPMSG */  }
/* =SYSOPMSG */  timeon=timer();
/* =SYSOPMSG */  useron=1;

4. In MISCCMD.C, locate the function read_automessage() and make the
        following change at the top of the function:

/* =SYSOPMSG */  void read_automessage()
/* =SYSOPMSG */  {
// -SYSOPMSG       int i,i1,i2,i3,f,len,ptrbeg[10],ptrend[10];
/* +SYSOPMSG */    int i,i1,i2,i3,f,len,ptrbeg[18],ptrend[18];
// -SYSOPMSG       char s[81],l[6][81],anon,buf[512];
/* +SYSOPMSG */    char s[81],l[15][81],anon,buf[15 * 81];

        then a bit further down:

// -SYSOPMSG         len=read(f,(void *)buf,512);
/* +SYSOPMSG */      len=read(f,(void *)buf,(15 * 81));
/* =SYSOPMSG */      close(f);
// -SYSOPMSG         for (i=0; i<10; i++) {
/* +SYSOPMSG */      for (i=0; i<18; i++) {

        and a few lines further on:

/* =SYSOPMSG */            ptrend[i2]=i-1;
// -SYSOPMSG               if (i2<6) {
/* +SYSOPMSG */            if (i2<15) {
/* =SYSOPMSG */              for (i3=ptrbeg[i2]; i3<=ptrend[i2]; i3++)

        a couple of dozen lines later, right at the end of the function:

/* =SYSOPMSG */      i=1;
// -SYSOPMSG         while ((ptrend[i]) && (i<6)) {
/* +SYSOPMSG */      while ((ptrend[i]) && (i<15)) {
/* =SYSOPMSG */        pl(&(l[i][0]));
/* =SYSOPMSG */        ++i;
/* =SYSOPMSG */      }
/* =SYSOPMSG */    }
/* =SYSOPMSG */    nl();
/* =SYSOPMSG */  }

5. Still in MISCCMD.C, locate the function void write_automessage1()
        and make this change:

/* =SYSOPMSG */  void write_automessage1()
/* =SYSOPMSG */  {
/* =SYSOPMSG */    int i,i1,f;
// -SYSOPMSG       char s[81],l[4][81];
/* +SYSOPMSG */    char s[81],l[13][81];
/* =SYSOPMSG */    slrec ss;

/* =SYSOPMSG */    nl();
// -SYSOPMSG       pl("Enter auto-message, 3 lines:");
/* +SYSOPMSG */    pl("Enter auto-message, 12 lines, max.");
/* +SYSOPMSG */    pl("A blank line will end the message.");
/* =SYSOPMSG */    nl();
// -SYSOPMSG       for (i=0; i<3; i++) {
/* +SYSOPMSG */    for (i=0; i<12; i++) {
// -SYSOPMSG         npr("%d:",i+1);
/* +SYSOPMSG */      npr("%2d:",i+1);
// -SYSOPMSG         inputl(&(l[i][0]),39);
/* +SYSOPMSG */      inputl(&(l[i][0]),75);
/* +SYSOPMSG */      if (l[i][0] == 0) break;
/* =SYSOPMSG */      strcat(&(l[i][0]),"\r\n");
/* =SYSOPMSG */    }

        later on, change this:

/* =SYSOPMSG */      write(f,(void *)s,strlen(s));
// -SYSOPMSG         for (i=0; i<3; i++)
/* +SYSOPMSG */      for (i=0; i<12; i++)
/* +SYSOPMSG */      {
/* +SYSOPMSG */        if (l[i][0] == 0) break;
/* =SYSOPMSG */        write(f,(void *)&(l[i][0]),strlen(&(l[i][0])));
/* +SYSOPMSG */      }
/* =SYSOPMSG */      sysoplog("Changed Auto-message");
// -SYSOPMSG         for (i=0; i<3; i++) {
/* +SYSOPMSG */      for (i=0; i<12; i++) {
/* +SYSOPMSG */        if (l[i][0] == 0) break;
/* =SYSOPMSG */        strcpy(s,"   ");

6. Still in MISCCMD.C, locate the function void write_automessage().
        Make the following change to add the new commands:

/* =SYSOPMSG */    do {
/* =SYSOPMSG */      nl();
// -SYSOPMSG         if (okwrite) {
/* +SYSOPMSG */      if (!so() && okwrite) {
/* =SYSOPMSG */        prt(2,"A-msg: R:ead, W:rite, A:uto-reply, Q:uit  : ");
/* =SYSOPMSG */        ch=onek("QRWA");
// -SYSOPMSG         } else {
/* +SYSOPMSG */      } else if (!so()) {
/* =SYSOPMSG */        prt(2,"A-msg: R:ead, A:uto-reply, Q:uit  : ");
/* =SYSOPMSG */        ch=onek("QRA");
/* +SYSOPMSG */      } else {                                                 

 /* u04 */
/* +SYSOPMSG */        prt(2,"A-msg: Read, Write, Kill notice, "
/* +SYSOPMSG */              "Notice, Auto-reply, Zap A-msg, Quit  : ");
/* +SYSOPMSG */        ch=onek("QRWKNAZ");
/* =SYSOPMSG */      }
/* =SYSOPMSG */      switch(ch) {

        and a bit further down:

/* =SYSOPMSG */        case 'W':
/* =SYSOPMSG */          write_automessage1();
/* =SYSOPMSG */          break;
/* +SYSOPMSG */        case 'K':
/* +SYSOPMSG */          kill_automessage2();
/* +SYSOPMSG */          break;
/* +SYSOPMSG */        case 'Z':
/* +SYSOPMSG */          kill_automessage();
/* +SYSOPMSG */          break;
/* +SYSOPMSG */        case 'N':
/* +SYSOPMSG */          write_automessage2();
/* +SYSOPMSG */          break;
/* =SYSOPMSG */        case 'A':

7. After the end of the write_automessage() function, add the following
        new functions (block read from this text, if you wish):

/* +SYSOPMSG */  void read_sysopnotice()
  int f;
  char s[81];

  f=open(s,O_RDWR | O_BINARY);
  if (f<1) return;
    prt(1,"Notice from the SYSOP:");

/* +SYSOPMSG */  void write_automessage2()
  int i,f;
  char s[81],l[13][81];

  pl("Enter sysop notice, 12 lines, max.");
  pl("A blank line will end the message.");
  for (i=0; i<12; i++) {
    if (l[i][0] == 0) break;
  prt(5,"Is this OK? ");
  if (yn()) {
    for (i=0; i<12; i++)
      if (l[i][0] == 0) break;
      write(f,(void *)&(l[i][0]),strlen(&(l[i][0])));
    sysoplog("Changed Sysop Notice");
    for (i=0; i<12; i++) {
      strcpy(s,"   ");
    pl("Sysop Notice saved.");

/* +SYSOPMSG */  void kill_automessage2()
  char s[81];

  sysoplog("Deleted Sysop Notice");
  pl("Sysop Notice deleted.");

/* +SYSOPMSG */  void kill_automessage()
  char s[81];

  sysoplog("Deleted Automessage");
  pl("Automessage deleted.");
8. That's it.  Re-do the MAKE (it'll take awhile because of the change
        to FCNS.H) and think up good uses for the new message capability.

               ³             Dateline: @#$*()#!              ³
               ³     Editor's Notes by Omega Man (1@5282)    ³

In case you havn't figured it out yet, things have changed around here at 
WWIVnews recently. Jeff Garzik, better known as East Bay Ray, who has held the 
center seat since its inception, has retired from the position to pursue other 
matters more demanding of his time. Ray ran WWIVnews for over two years, and 
took as much care and detail into its production as he has for his other WWIV-
based endeavors. He did one hell of a job, and is to be commended for it by all

(Jeff, if they flood your e-mailbox after reading this, it's your own fault 
for doing a good job in the first place :-))

In his place, Wayne Bell has assigned the editorship of WWIVnews to myself, 
1@5282, better known as Omega Man. For those not aware, Wayne based his 
decision on two criteria: one, that I had quite a bit of previous journalistic 
experience, and was willing to apply that to WWIVnews; and two, that I was 
sucker enough to take the job when it opened up :-)

Seriously, tho, the changing of any management naturally results in changing 
of operation. WWIVnews is no different in that respect. As detailed in a post 
I made on quite a number of the national-level subs, the general direction of 
WWIVnews will remain - as it has since issue one - as a major source of 
information for the WWIVnet sysops and users. However, I plan to expand upon 
this quite a bit by changing the tone of WWIVnews to be a bit more "hard 
hitting" than its predecessors. 

True, WWIVnews will remain as a central source for major information about 
WWIV and WWIVnet, but it will also provide a forum of sorts for digging deeper 
into what makes WWIV and WWIVnet tick. This includes not only the hardware and 
software aspects, but the sysop and user aspects as well. "How to" is fine, 
but "how do YOU do it, and why in the HELL did you do it?" is just as 
important. WWIVnews will be exploring those aspects in greater detail than 

The major goal of WWIVnews is can best be summed up as follow: news should not 
only inform, it should educate and stimulate independent thought. WWIVnews 
articles will be informative as always, but when applicable they'll also ask 
questions. Questions not only about how things work, but how *we* work as 
well. Questions that will certainly provide food for thought, but don't rule 
out fuel for the fires, either. Questions such as these don't always get
answered in a way that pleases everyone, but remember that dissent is 
practically an American Birthright. If you have a dissenting opinion on any
article or opinion presented in this publication, express it with an article
of your own, or on the WWIVnews Editorial Desk sub. 

(If your node doesn't carry the EdDesk Sub, then see the end of this issue on
how to subscribe!)

But these questions and answers I speak of won't happen unless you, the 
WWIVnews reader, assist by contributing an article or three. As always, 
submissions are welcome, and odds are good that all submissions will eventually
see print. For further submission information and to request a copy of the
WWIVnews Writer's Guide, e-mail 1@5282 for more details. 

The WWIVnews Adventure is underway. Grab onto your hats, folks, we're about 
to hit that first turn!

³                             Closing Credits                               ³
³ WWIVnews is an independent newsletter published monthly as a service to   ³
³ the WWIV community of sysops and users. The opinions and reviews expressed³
³ herein are the expressed views of the respective writers, and do not      ³
³ necessarily reflect those of the WWIVnews staff. Reproduction in whole or ³
³ in part is allowed provided proper credit is given. All rights reserved.  ³
³ The distribution sites for WWIVnews are the Klingon Empire BBS (512-459-  ³
³ 1088), WWIVnet node @5282, and the WWIVnews Editorial Desk networked      ³
³ subboard, subtype 15282 host 5282. Information regarding article and      ³
³ editorial submissions, back issue requests, and the WWIVnews Writer's     ³
³ Guide, can be requested in e-mail from the WWIVnews editor, 1@5282.       ³
³            WWIV and WWIVnet, copyright 1986,1990 by Wayne Bell            ³