WWIV Releases and Versioning

Current Proposal (and plan of record)
Rushfan (wwiv@)

WWIV Version Number Components


Component Description
MAJOR Major release (i.e. 5 for the foreseeable future)
MINOR Minor release (i.e. 0, 1, these will be incremented every milestone release)
PATCH Normally 0 unless a new patch release needs to be made off-cycle
BUILD Build number from Jenkins

Platform Support

WWIV supports the following platforms on a tiered system.
The tiers are:

Tier Description
Tier1 Fully supported, bugs may block a release.
Tier2 Supported but lacking a maintainer, bugs may NOT block a release.
Tier3 Best effort support, bugs will NOT block a release.


Platform Tier
Windows 32-bit (Windows7 or later) Tier1
Linux {Debian8 like} (x86/X64) Tier2
Others (ARM) Tier3

Release Cadence

Every quarter (or so) a new Minor release will be released. Bugs targeted to this release will use the GitHub milestone functionality.