WWIVCon 1995 Buffalo

Filo #1 @4000
Sun Oct 01 07:50:24 1995
RE: Perhaps a note for future conventions...
BY: Emerald Lady #1 @9201

WWIVcon '95 was held in Bufallo, NY.  Jim Nunn and a group of local sysops
were the prime movers in the organization of the event.  Numerous people
helped to make the program enjoyable, entertaining, and informational.  The
support of Red Silver and her husband Sky at the registration desk and
throughout the conference are particularly worth noting.

The conference began on Friday evening with an informal get together around
the pool.  As the evening progressed, two major groupings developed that
seemed to be based, in part, upon one's tolerance for the cool evening air.
One group was inside the hotel in our large conference room and the other
group remained around the pool.  The purpose of the evening was for people to
get to know one another and thus the "get-together" was a success.

On Saturday, the conference began in earnest.  Several informative sessions
were held that day and on Sunday morning.  Some sessions that were of
particular interest were Wayne's talking about the history of WWIV and
WWIVnet.  He described how they came about and some of the developmental
challenges that have been faced and overcome.  Also, Alger presented two
sessions dealing with operating systems and networks.  He demonstrated for us
how WWIV could be run on Novell, OS/2, Windows 95, and Windows NT.  He
discussed the advantages and disadvantages of each of these systems.  He had
two computers present that were networked together, so he was able to
demonstrate the networking ability of each system.  His knowledge and
expertise as a computer consultant were obvious, and his lack of bias in
presenting both the good and bad points of each system was admirable.

On Saturday night there was an award's presentation that followed a
Bufallo-wing eating experience.  Each person attending the conference
received at least one award recognition and many received several
award certificates and prizes.  After the award presentation, many adjourned
to nearby restaurants for "real" food.

On Sunday morning, the conference had additional speakers and a series of
round table discussions addressing various topics.  At noon on Sunday, the
conference officially adjourned; however, most of the attendees went in a
caravan to Niagra Falls and toured the area and made the usual jokes about
sending someone (anyone?  everyone?) over the falls in a barrel.