Please open any additional ideas as Github Issue. Do not add to this list.

Build Ideas

  • ~~Standardize on GNU Make on Linux~~
  • ~~Standardize on NMAKE from MSVC 6.0 on WIN32~~
  • ~~Put defines in a seperate makefile ( from main code~~
  • [X] Keep WWIV in a SCM (Source Control Management System) like PVCS, SourceSafe, or QVCS
  • identify product as 5.0.{BUILD_NUMBER} internally
  • ~~Weekly drops of source code from master repository (Frank?) to dev team.~~
  • Every month try to put together a quasi-release
  • ~~More public betas during dev cycle~~
  • [X] Web based bug database.
  • [X] CHANGELOG entries for all changes from dev team.
  • Features to have Design and Functional Specifications before coding.
  • ~~Use perl for common tasks that a seperate application would now do (BAK.EXE)~~
  • [X] Keep maintaining the 4.31 line with small enhancements from the 5.0 line to keep users who don't want to move to WIN32 happy.
  • [X] Keep website updated with progress (to keep interest from users)
  • [X] C++ Classes (in places.. Not rewrite in C++, but gradual transition)

Door Ideas

  • Issue 391 Make door dropfile format file (i.e. CHAIN.FMT) that defines the format for a door file (so it's not hard coded into the source code, and new door formats can be added adhoc to product.
  • [X] Use same handle passing mechanisms as EleBBS (On WIN32/OS2)
  • [X] Remove chain support? (It could come back later on, but as it is, is not portable to WIN32 or Linux) We could recreate a newer chain format that is source code portable from Linux to WIN32, or even create a script language (like WWIVBASIC) to replace it (which would be completely cross-platform portable!)

Message Areas

  • Issue 392 Possible use of JAM message base format. (Type3)
  • Issue 393 Built-in FTN support
  • [X] Drop Type-1 message base support
  • Issue 394 Move msgbase clean up code (i.e. renumbering, deleting, etc.) to a utility so it doesn't overly-complicate the message base code (as it is now)
  • Issue 395 Update msg header format so that there are not as many kludges (like Title[80] really means the network number, etc..)
  • Issue 396 Write a standard MessageBase API and make WWIV use it. (seperate out core MSGAPI from the BBS flow)
  • Issue 397 Internal Newsgroup support
  • Issue 400 PPP Project integrated with Network.
  • Issue 398 Built in support to forward SMTP messages.
  • Issue 399 Built in support to check a POP mailbox.

File Areas

  • Issue 401 Add new fields to file area (FTP directory) so that utilities can make HTML versions of the file areas for wev sites.
  • [X] Internal ZModem
  • Issue 402 Long File Name support.
  • Issue 403 Write a standard FileBase API and make WWIV use it. (Seperate out filebase specific code, i.e. file listing, searching, etc. from the main bbs flow)


  • [X] Tiered platform Development
    • [X] WIN32 - Primary
    • [X] Linux - Primary
    • ~~OS/2 - Secondary~~
  • [X] Separate Generic from OS Dependent Code
  • ~~MSVC 6.0 Standard Edition - Standard compiler on WIN32~~
  • ~~GCC 2.91/2.95 (aka EGCS 1.1x) - Standard compiler on Linux~~
  • ~~Dos version still? - Dos will be around until around at least until the end of 2001 from MS. And FreeDos/OpenDOS/IBM DOS will be around even longer.~~


  • ~~WIN32 communications (maybe even TAPI?)~~
  • [X] Sockets under WIN32.
  • ~~Sockets under OS/2~~
  • [X] Linux - Ideas?
  • Issue 399 POP support to check your e-mail?
  • ~~Include simple HTTP server?~~
  • Issue 404 Finger Daemon support?

Issue 406 File Formats

  • XML?
  • Text files?
  • Try to limit the number of binary files (less portable)


  • Issue 407 1 big WWIVUTIL.EXE that contains
    • Msgbase purger/maintenance utility
    • Userlist purger/maintenance utility
    • File area listing utility
    • reporting tool.
  • Issue 408 Public SDK/Libraries for writing utilities (i.e. Web Tools)

User Experience (caller)

  • [X] Similar user experience as 4.30 from telnetting in.
  • Issue 405 Further extend Menus
    • Move all commands (i.e. Defaults, Automessage, BBSList, Chains) into Menus

Sysop Experience

  • Issue 409 Installation program
  • Issue 410 Online help while a caller is online
  • ~~INIT
    • ~~GUI INIT on Windows,~~ Curses based INIT on Linux.
    • ~~Java based INIT for both?~~