Managing Log Files

WWIV 5.0 BBS has many processes which generate a lot of log files. This list catalogs the files, their purpose and some tips for managing log files.

Log Files

Log filename File Path Description
1617813748NEWS.LOG \wwiv These files are frequently 0 length. They are generated by the NEWS (Usenet) processing service.
NETWORK.LOG \wwiv If you are in a WWIVnet, this will contain entries for every time your mail.bat runs. It will have the NETWORK version run, the arguments passed and the exit codes.
NETWORKB.LOG \wwiv Currently used as part of BINKP WWIVnet testing. Not used by most SysOps.
NEWS.LOG \wwiv Contains the SMTP and POP commands passed during MAIL.BAT runs
WWIVSYC.LOG \wwiv ?? Unknown, has DOSXTRN.EXE commands
YYMMDD.LOG \wwiv\gfiles These Daily log files contain the user sessions and commands and actions by those users.
NET.LOG \wwiv\gfiles Log of the WWIVNEt connects and Nets processed, how much data and length of connection.
NETDATA#.LOG \wwiv\gfiles NET38B logs with the connects made, message and data counts.
NEWS.LOG \wwiv\nets\wwivnet WINS log of connect to WWIVnet Nodes and NNTP Servers

Managing Log Files

Many of the Log files generated by WWIV will append to the end of the file until you rename\delete\move the current file after which a new file will be created. Here are some tools\tips to help you with the process.

WWIV5 Log Mover
In the OPS (as in Operations) repository, there is a wwiv5_logmover.bat batch file which will move and rename log files. You just need to schedule it to run as often as you wish. Daily is probably enough.

This popular Linux tool also has a windows version. You can use this to daily move, rename and compress log files resulting in daily versions of long running log files.